Breeding at Double M.

Clint and RJ have been spending a lot of time in the breeding box this past week, breeding heifers and cows for different ranches in the area.

The breeding box is still pretty {new to us}, and I think every time they've been in it during the day, they've made a comment about how much easier it is to breed with it.

They bred at Double M all during the week, and since Mike & Jack know how to breed, they helped out too.

(Even with a box that allows the heifers to remain calm and not struggle while they're standing there, your arm can get pretty sore when you have 40...or 80....or 120 to breed in a morning, so it's nice to have a backup.)

Never leave your wingman.

Just joking.

Well, not really.

:D Hah!

Can you tell there's a lack of sleep in our household?

Or maybe it's just me.

Anyway - all of the Double M heifers are bred, and we're off to two other ranches today and tomorrow.


  1. Hope you guys have nice days to do it in.

    We finally are getting a little rain here.

  2. oh what fun!! :) happy Spring!!

  3. Looks like SO MUCH FUN! Just wondering though ....when do u have time to shower and clean your house? :) Thanks for all your hard's nice to count on you;)


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