A fresh start to thankfulness.

....and when all of the walls feel like they're tumbling down,
things are spinning out of control,
and there just isn't enough time.....

They're not.

There is.

He is.


April 1 - 2, 2012

A new start, a fresh breath, and back on the road to counting the gifts....

1. A friend who knew when I needed time to talk....and as a bonus, it was over a beer and Lester's fries Friday evening.

2. Bulbs planted in freshly worked garden beds.

3.. Successful rope loops swung over calves heads that needed to be tagged. After the rope was pulled taut, Austin (who was staying with us during Spring Break) would run to tackle the calves to the ground. I wish I'd had my camera out to capture the look of concentration he wore.

4. Cakes of all kinds, mason jars, a cupcake bar and a beautiful baby shower to RJ & Sandy, who are expecting a little girl any day now. We can't wait to meet you little baby girl Francis! Or to your brother, little baby "Brown".

5. A sparkling ring to slip on each day that reminds me of a loving husband. Who made my day when he called me {beautiful} this morning.

6. A 3x5 white notecard that carries my menu plan and {sanity} for the week.

7. A box shipped with love to Mel, who celebrates her birthday on Wednesday! Happy early birthday Mel!

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  1. :) LOVE you and Lester's fries! :) You're going to love my list... all four of us are making a list and it's AWESOME!

  2. Thank you to the link to the @HolyExperience. Oddly, as I've read through your "thanks" I never wandered onto the source's site.

    Enjoy the Easter weekend...we'll be at Grandma's for lunch at noon on Sunday.


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