Gone to grass!

It's what every rancher dreams of in the Spring....

turning cattle out to grass.

If you ask any rancher right now if they could have one wish;
 I'll bet you a dollar that they'd say they'd like to have all of their cattle turned out.

Calves grow better on grass, cows milk a little more, and best of all...

 ...the feed truck gets to stay parked.

And we get a morning to sleep until 7:00 am.

It's the little things in life.

Friday and Saturday the crew at Double M started to turn pairs out.

The bulls got to join in on the {grass} party Saturday too.

So for those of you with cattle out there....

are you turned out to grass yet?


  1. There hasn't been enough rain here for the grass to grow. We are even watering the lawn already.

  2. GREAT pictures :) Truly GREAT ... looks like a fabulous weekend :) and amen to grass growing!


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