Working cattle at the Francis Ranch.

We spent Sunday morning helping Terry & Anna Francis sort and work their cows and calves. They're getting ready to turn out to spring grass (hooray!) but before that can be done, the cows and calves needed vaccinations, wormer and for some of their cows, a new ear tag.

We showed up right after the hard part - gathering all of the cattle - had been done. (Clint had to feed and pull heats at Double M, so we were a bit later than the rest of the crew.)

But once the cattle were in corrals, the sorting began and we were in business!

A great day spent with great friends!


  1. a GREAT day indeed ... love the pictures & I love that we've all got some of the best friends one could ever ask for don't we :) ... each other!

  2. Looks like a great way to spend the day!!! Sweet blessings!

  3. Great pictures! But more importantly thanks for always being reliable and great help!

  4. Great pictures thanks for being you


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