And they thought they were on vacation!

Dave & Jace are here through Sunday.

They have been a HUGE help, and we're so thankful they're here.

They might be "on vacation", but they've been working non-stop.

Between giving shots, breeding heifers, riding pens, riding pastures and the normal chores - they've kept up and not complained at all.  In fact, the other guys that are helping are amazed by Jace's constant smile.

Thanks for all of the help - we love you guys and are so glad you're here!

PS - They're five days in to their "vacation"....and still no luggage!  I told Jace that they usually get $ from the airlines after the fifth day....he got a bit excited about that!  Like Dave said, at least they didn't have anywhere "to be" and getting by with put together work  and a few purchased items has worked out alright!


  1. Looks like Jace is having a great time! I'm so excited to see the pictures. The one of him resting on the saddle horn is amazing. Great job!


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