Branding in Burbank.

It was all smiles on Sunday, as we helped Tom & Debby brand a set of their calves in Washington.

But I'll be honest - I didn't have a smile on my face on the drive there. 

In fact, I'd make excuses for not going the day before - too tired, too grumpy, too much to do - and if it hadn't have been for Anna calling and asking if I was coming along that morning as I was headed down the road to check the ditchwater, I wouldn't have gone.

But I'm sure glad I did.

Thanks Tom, Debby, Terry, Anna, RJ, Clint, Justin, Jenny, Cidney and Cameron for a very fun and relaxing day. 
It was needed. 

It's funny how the things we need the most, come when we're not expecting them at all.....

*Of the 724 pictures on my camera at the end of the day, many were taken by Cidney & a lot of the photo credits above need to go them.   I'd say they did a pretty great job!  :)



  2. Amen to unexpected blessings! :) You're a blessing to many - and I love the picture of you!!


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