The home stretch....

After 10 days of breeding....we were headed down the home stretch last Saturday.

By Saturday - we were all pretty tired. 
Not that the last week of breeding hadn't been fun, and everyone was still in good spirits - but the last day of breeding heifers at the feedlot was pretty demanding, and I think everyone was ready for a break.  

That morning, we had woken up early to breed a set of heats that had come in late in the day Friday, and then started in on the time breeding and breeding the other groups of heats that had been pulled.

Everyone had their job, and made sure it got done.  Jace & Justin sorted and brought groups of cattle up, Dave filled the alley and made sure cattle came to the chute, Walt ran the squeeze chute, Clint, RJ and Morgan bred and I pulled semen.

We started at 5, and by 4 that afternoon the guys had bred close to 380 heifers. 

That's a pretty good day, if you ask me.

As busy as we were, this year's breeding project at the feedlot was a lot of fun, mostly because we had great people helping out and everyone kept a good attitude.

I might add that I cooked a few delicious meals that helped the cause...but I may be biased.

Here's to great success for the heifer owners when it comes time to preg check!

PS - Justin introduced us to the new Coors Light in the screw top bottles during this breeding project. 

  And - because it has a screw top, you don't get any manure in your beer when you're working the cattle.  Those people were thinking!

And everyone knows that a cold beer after a good day of working cattle is a win-win!


  1. What a fun post. I'd love to have the crew pictures!


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