Pulling heats.

The guys have spent a lot of time on horseback this week, pulling heats.

In fact, they're out at the lot doing that right now as I type this post.

With this protocol, the owner chose to pull early heats and then time-breed the rest.  That means that every group of heifers must be ridden every 4 hours, and then the heifers that are in standing heat are pulled from the pen to be bred about 12 hours later.

The guys applied heat patches which turn bright orange when a heifer is standing in heat and being ridden by other heifers.   This makes pulling heats a lot easier, since you don't have to be constantly watching for heifers that are standing, instead you just sort the heifers that have orange patches out into a separate pen.

But sorting takes time, and a few horses.  Since I don't usually ride (and we're short on horses anyway) I just stay out of the way, but usually close enough to take a few pictures.

We're on the last group of heifers to breed today, and then we're off to have a bit of fun at the Cattle Baron's in Pendleton tonight. 

It's been a long week of breeding - but a good one. 
It helps when you have a good crew, and we've had a great one!


  1. great expression and life captured ... love the "color" of the photos too ... nice work friend!! :)


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