This 4th dog of ours, 

he has his name for a reason.

He only got one.

And so far - so good.

Chance was given to us by a friend (Hi Shane!) in December, and is a Huntaway-Border Collie cross.

The Huntaway dog comes from New Zealand, and they're bred to be cattle dogs that work well in the brush.

Chance is living up to that breed characteristic, and even though he's not quite a year old, he already has an interest in working cattle.

One thing I know for sure, is that he's vocal dog.

I haven't ever seen a dog as vocal as Chance -

he doesn't really bark or howl, it's really like he's talking to you.

Maybe that's why he fits in so well - there needed to be two of us with big mouths in this house.

Raaawwwr, raawwwrrr, rawrrr.

And yes...that's not a typo.  Chance makes #4. 

Because a ranching family can never have too many good dogs.


  1. I thought he was someone else's at the ranch until Hiredman corrected me when he got home.


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