Everything happens for a reason.

Sooo....I never really made it to Prairie City this week.

That's what I get for auto posting.

Hah. Maybe next week I'll auto post that I bought a lottery ticket and didn't win.

Then maybe I would.  (Wouldn't that be awesome!)

Since I already had the day off, and we didn't find out we weren't going to help breed until after lunch, I stayed home and helped Clint put up electric fence. 

And maybe took a nap.

A REALLY long nap.  And it was awesome.  Long naps are kind of like that.

You know what else is awesome?

Since we didn't go to Prairie, we were home when these 3 lovely ladies stopped by!

That's my mother-in-law, Mel in the middle and her sisters Chuck & Lori on the sides.

They drove out from Nebraska to see their sister who lives outside of Vancouver, WA and stopped by our house to say "hi" for a few minutes.

They may have also taken a VERY scenic tour of Hermiston. 

They finally just plugged our address into the GPS and made it to the house.

(Why didn't we think of that in the first place?)

And after a bit of visiting, they were off in the wind.

I'd sure like to be a fly in the wall of that Navigator - you can only imagine the conversations those 3 great ladies have over 1400 miles of driving!

Drive safe girls!

PS - I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that Mel stopped by.  Our nephew Jace wanted to come out with them, and just stay at our house while the ladies were visiting with their sister.  His Grandma (Mel) said they weren't going to be stopping by our house, so that wouldn't work out. 

PPS - Jace - we love you!  Next time let us know of your plan ahead of time so we can help sweet talk Grandma into letting you and your sister come visit!  :D


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