Sorting, slowly.

"Slower is faster."

That phrase gets said a lot when we're helping ranches breed heifers.  Some people at first give you a funny look when you say it, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

Slower is faster.

Basically, cattle will work better when you go slow, and work quietly.  They're less stressed, handle easier, and more often than not will work faster through whatever process you're trying to put them through.

The crew at Cable Creek Ranch understands this well and they work really hard to make sure that slower is faster.

Last week Clint was at the ranch helping them breed a set of repeat heats, but before we left to go to the beach, Adam, Morgan and Clint sorted the last group of heifers to time breed into two groups.  The sorted slowly and efficiently, and were rewarded with heifers that for the most part sorted calmly into their respective group.

And since the guys weren't rushed, I think they had a pretty good time themselves. 

As for me, I took the break as a good opportunity to settle against a tree and take a few pictures:


  1. a post I needed to read today - thanks ... one day at a time!

    NICE pictures too - looks like a productive and successful day!


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