Traveling lightly.

Each morning after I walk into my office, I flip the lights on, jiggle the mouse to wake up my computer, and then stash my lunch away in the mini fridge tucked under my desk.

Then, there's a little daily calendar that sits on my desk that I flip the page to the next day.

Some days, I glance through the devotion, and continue on with my work.

Other days, the words grab my attention, and I take a few minutes to go through the black ink written on the page.

Today was one of those days:

"God has a great race for you to run.  Under his care you will go where you've never been and serve in ways you've never dreamed.  But you have to drop some stuff.  How can you share grace if you are full of guilt?  How can you offer comfort if you are disheartened?  How can you lift someone else's load if your arms are full with your own?

For the sake of those you love....
For the sake of the God you serve...
For the sake of your own joy...

Travel light.

There are certain weights in life you simply cannot carry.  Set them down and trust him.

-Max Lucado, "Grace for the Moment - Vol II" Daily Calendar

As I read through the words this morning, I thought to myself, "This seems familiar".

It should.  A year ago, I wrote this post.

365 days of experiences, memories, trials and successes later...

I still need the reminder.

A reminder to let go of some "stuff".
A reminder to think about others before myself. 
A reminder to travel lightly.

And I figured if I needed the reminder, maybe someone else would too.

After all - none of us is perfect.

Here's to a great Thursday, with less stuff, more care, abundant grace and lighter hearts.

Travel lightly friends!


  1. I love this Darcy, Max is very good and brings out lots of points that make me stop and think :)! Thanks for another reminder

  2. Amen. Less stuff ... more grace. :)


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