Every year on Father's Day,
 the Umatilla Cattlemen's host their annual BBQ.

I like to think that some very smart wife must have thought of this idea -
to gather all of the county's ranching families for a meal on Father's Day. 

 Because how else are you going to get a large group of ranchers
 to take a day off in June when the sun is shining? 
I mean, there could be cattle to move, calves to doctor, fence to fix, etc. etc. etc.

Well - you guilt them into a day off, by saying "All of your friends are doing it!"

At least, that's how it works in my head.

(And yes, I realize that many families spent the morning doing chores, putting out salt, etc.  But at least we all got the afternoon off!)

Anyway, even though Clint and I both have been feeling under the weather, so we slept all afternoon Saturday so we'd be rested and ready to head to Ukiah Sunday.

This year was like every other year.

We spent a great afternoon with friends, watched the guys BBQ the steaks until they were done just right, filled our plate with an array of wonderful salads brought by each family, enjoyed cold drinks and hung back in our chairs while we relaxed and visited with one another.

Here's to the beef industry, and the great people in it.

And a very happy Father's Day to my dad.  He had planned on spending the weekend with us, but when we called earlier this week and told him we were sick, it made sense for him to stay home.  But I'll get to see him next weekend.

Love you Dad!
Happy Father's Day!


  1. AnonymousJune 17, 2012

    Thanks for adding the last photo :)

    Jody in Iowa

  2. Nice post ..... it is a great tradition for Father's Day!


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