The 4th.

Tuesday at work, when we were all taking off for the afternoon,
I kept saying
 "Have a nice weekend"
to everyone. 

Over and over, even though everyone (rightly) kept correcting me.

Yikes - I don't know where my brain has gone. 

It was weird to have day off in the middle of the week. 
 Am I the only one who feels like today should be Sunday?

We took it pretty easy yesterday - it was kind of nice to sleep in and be lazy.  We'd go do a few chores, come back and hang out for a half hour, go do a few more things (check irrigation water, throw loose hay out in the bunks for newly weaned calves, feed the horses), then come back in and relax.  And while it was a nice break to our normal routine....yesterday also made me appreciate our normal routine too.  I think I could be lazy for a little while, but I'm thankful for all of the "busy-ness" we have around us too.

Later in the afternoon Lindsay and Henry came down and floated the river, and then we all celebrated the 4th in the evening by enjoying a great prime rib dinner at the Ledbetter's along with the Francis families and the Estes family.  The girls raced their bikes, we gorged ourselves on yummy salads and sides, poured drinks from the huge bar Mike & Jill had put out, made S'mores, visited, relaxed and then watched a few fireworks.


How was your 4th?  Did you BBQ?  Play on the lake?


  1. Sometimes it's just nice to hang out. We camped Tuesday thru Thursday.


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