And the cattlemen came.

I was at Bunco on Thursday night, and we were all talking about our weekend plans, and all I could say was:

The cattlemen are coming! 

The cattlemen are coming!


OK - So that might have been a bit dramatic, but the cattlemen did come out to Double M Ranch, Topcut Feedlot and LGW Ranch this weekend for a tour Saturday afternoon. 

The joint Oregon/Washington Cattlemen's Mid-Year Conference was held in Pendleton, and the tours were planned as the final event for the conference.

The group started at the feedlot, and after that tour was done, Mike & Patsy brought the group over to the calving barn where we were waiting to show them through the facilities. 
See!  They came! :D

Clint explaining the cow side of Double M

Jack & his mom Patsy

Randy Mills - OSU Beef Extension

Tom Hill, Agri-Beef (r) pointing out key traits in a group of heifers
Terry Anderson from 7-Up Ranch had brought over to have on display.

After Double M, we headed over to the LGW Ranch

Lon and Sheri Wadekamper explain how their ranch operates,
and took us for a hay ride around the ranch so we could see for ourselves.

Who'd have thought it'd rain so heavily at the end of June in Umatilla County?
It did, but luckily Sheri was prepared with umbrellas for anyone who needed one!

Jesse Beard, LGW's Foreman and one of the drivers

Clint, taking a break from his driving duties

Deb & Walt

Lon told some pretty entertaining stories - as usual! :)

I'm not sure what the cows thought
when the trailers came through the fields;
holding people instead of hay!
Even with the rain, it was a fun afternoon with a diverse group of ranchers. 

And like Jesse said at dinner that night - 

"It's good to visit other people's ranches so you
can pick up ways to do things better at your own ranch."

Well said.

A big thank you to all of the ranchers who came to visit this weekend,
and to the crews at OCA, Double M and LGW who made the tours happen! 


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