Outstanding in their fields....

Last week my cousin Alicia made the comment that she was "out standing in a field"....

And then she posted a picture of her in a soybean field.

Even though the joke is old, it still makes me laugh.

Farmers here in Umatilla County are some of the best wheat farmers there are, and it's easy to say they're outstanding in their fields....

but right now, they really are "out standing in their fields".

LOL - it still cracks me up.

Ok, ok...I'll spare you my own slap-knee humor.

Harvest is still going on strong, and the yields are still holding up.

There's much to be thankful for in our little part of the world!

2012 Barley - It's almost ready for harvest!

Wheat harvest in Pendleton
These deer really were "out standing in a field"!

Wheat harvest in Pilot Rock, OR

A truck waits for a combine to dump wheat.

Soon the bins will be full!


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