Sizzling in Connell.

 If you were to enter a battle
 where you were outnumbered
10 to 1

Would you go?


Kids that show cattle do. 

These kids work with cattle that can end up weighing 10 times their weight so that when show day comes around, they can successfully show up to the ring as a team.

Their daily work and persistence matters; 
halter breaking, feeding, grooming, training hair, rinsing, prepping, practicing.

The pay off moment happens when they enter the ring confidently guiding their calf with their right hand, show stick firmly in place in the left.

The Washington Jr. Charolais Association hosted the Summer Sizzle last weekend in Connell, WA and asked Clint to judge the 2-day show.  I went up with him on Sunday, and brought my camera along so I could take a few pictures of the heifer show and showmanship.

While I didn't know many of the kids who were showing, you don't have to know know one.

These were cattle kids - and they showed up ready to win the battle.

And I just have to say this - there's a lot of power a person can have when they're critiquing youth. 

Especially when you have a microphone and attentive audience.

But I was sure proud to be the wife of the judge on Sunday as he gave his reasons at the end of every class.  I am continually amazed at how Clint can find multiple positive attributes - even when they're placed last - to tell a child about themselves and their cattle, while still accurately describing the cattle or showmanship style. 

Congratulations to all of the kids who brought their cattle, and showed their hearts out.

You are the future of the beef industry - and it sure is fun to get to watch you be successful!

 All pictures from the day here.


  1. This is a great post! Just made me smile and ponder the whole way through! :)

  2. This just makes my heart smile! Your husband has got to be one of the nicest guys I've ever met! As the mama of three small boys I always hope for special men like him to enter in their lives. We're not cattle people but if we know what I mean! :) Such a blessing for little boys (and girls) to hear positive comments from people other than their parents!! He's just blessing the socks off those kids whether they know it or not!! I love how you go with him too! Such a team!


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