Summer Sundays in Wallowa

Summer Sundays in Wallowa have started!

And true to tradition, we had to blow at least one tire on the trip.

We've learned our lesson - this trip RJ had 3 spares packed.

The guys - Jesse, RJ and Clint - were headed up to take cows to pasture, pull bulls and look over pastures. 

I was headed up to relax, read, and take a few pictures.

Wallowa is beautiful country - and we covered a lot of it Sunday.

But there's something to be said about spending the day with friends and cattle, doing what you love.


  1. doing what you love ... that's the key!
    (have you started Love Does yet?) :)

  2. I have! On chapter 8 - And it is a GREAT book, thank you!

  3. How fortunate you all are to have green pastures.


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