The UCCA Desert Classic Jackpot Show

The Desert Classic jackpot show really earned it's name this weekend.

Every year for the past few years now, the Umatilla County Cattlemen's Association helps put on a steer and heifer jackpot show in Hermiston.  The past few years, the temperatures were pleasantly in the 80's I was told.

Not this year.

  Summer decided to finally arrive here in Eastern Oregon - in all her glory.

With temperatures pushing 100 degrees, and a full day of sun - it was a HOT day to show cattle!
But the kids and the cattle held up well. 

Really well, in fact. 

 I think only two steers tried to lay down at the end of the day during showmanship;

- and who could blame them -

If I'd been shown all day and were hot, and I'd want to lay down too!

But even with the sun scorching down,
the kids kept their cool, most of the glue held, and the show went on!

Cody Kessler
Brady Linnell

Reid Curcio
Blake Betz

Shelby Swindlehurst
Patrick & Blake - Sporting the pink!

Kyle Harrison

Payton Hoyt-Ruberti
Madison Hoyt-Ruberti

Sara Van Schoiak

Jessica Smelser

Callie & Ethan Hobson

"Come on buddy!  We're almost there!"

Patrick Linnell

In my opinion, a successful jackpot show takes 3 things:
Families who will bring their kids and cattle to the show,
dedicated adults who help put the show on,
and sponsors who help finance the awards.

There were all three in Hermiston this weekend. 

Marie Linnell - She made the 'show go round!
Ray Baker - 2012 Judge

Clint Sexson & Ian Murdock - Working the ring

The Randy's - Randy Kessler & Randy Mills

Prior to the show - It was a race to see who could get a hold of Randy 1st!

Thank you 2012 Sponsors! 
A fun group picture after the show!
A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Desert Classic, and supported this show!

Be sure to check out official pictures of the show on Annie Hobson's website, PhotoMunkee.


  1. We just switched weather. We finally had cooler temps on Sunday. And rain! What a nice relief from the 100 plus days.


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