Farm City Pro Rodeo

The crew we sat with - they were fun!

Bryan & Lou Ann Wolfe

Dave Hartley & Betsy Hartley
Trevor Brazile

Dallas holding sweet Reagan
Royce - He loved every minute!
Anna & Terry were just a few boxes over.
Local Brandon Christensen getting ready to steer wrestle.
I shot on manual most of the night - a new thing for me - and I'm definitely learning a lot.  But it's not easy!

Farm City is such a fun rodeo. 

 It's a great mix of fun-loving people, hometime pride, and skilled contestants. 

The rodeo doesn't start until 7:45 - and while it makes for a late night - the sun is setting, there's usually a light breeze, and for weather in Hermiston in August; it's usually pretty darn comfortable.

While we sat with friends in box seats, the rest of the seating in the bleachers is "first come, first serve".  It's nice because the bleachers are very spacious and you can sit in spot for awhile and visit with someone, then go sit somewhere else and visit with another person.  

And then there's the rodeo. 

This year, the rodeo celebrated it's 25th Anniversary.  A lot of the "famous" guys are here in the Pacific NW rodeoing in advance of the Pendleton Round Up, but there's also a lot of local guys who get to participate as well which makes it fun to watch.  Kessler's, The Calgary Stampede Ranch and Korkow's all bring in roughstock, so there's pretty talented livestock at work as well.

Clint and I really had a lot of fun this year.  And we hope to be there again next year!


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