The Moxley's

Hay fields, hay bales and hazy skies.
Lace, laughter and love.
Wheat sheaves, country crooning and cowboy hats.
Dinner by Yummy's, dancing and drinking.
A beautiful day, a beautiful couple and what is sure to be a beautiful marriage.

August 25 was all about celebrating the newlyweds.

 Mr. & Mrs. Moxley

And anyone who knew the groomsmen,
knew they could probably expect some shennanigans...

I think these two were too busy to even notice....

 Congratulations Nick & Kelly!

We couldn't be more happy for you two. 
We wish you the best in your marriage.
Lots of love -
Clint & Darcy


PS - The reception was great.  

Dare I say "classic"?

Hoffy - When are you going to do the worm again?
Kralicek - Your smile was contagious!
Big Sexy - We'll give you a ride home anytime.  Thanks for the laughs.
Kliewer family - It was a great night of visiting!
Team Repro - The pig was pretty tough to beat.  Good work!


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