The roughstock.

Life on the road is tough.

But the owners of the roughstock used in the Farm City Pro Rodeo last week did their best to make it easier on the roughstock.

When the roughstock weren't working, they could be found hanging out in the feedlot pens at Double M.

The bucking bulls spent their time in the receiving pens out front by the office, and the horses were in the feedlot pens.

While most people (including me) would think they'd all be really wild; you could actually walk right up to or into any of the pens and the livestock would just stand there and watch you.

It made taking pictures pretty easy.

And the funniest thing to me was -

They all ate out of their own individual feed pan.

I don't know why I found this so curious - I guess because I'd assumed that they'd eat out of the bunk, or that they'd be too wild to eat out of a small feed pan.

I mean - their job is to fling a person off of their back.

Not be docile enough to share, and all stand around patiently waiting for their portion to be fed.

But every morning, each bull and horse was fed grain in an individual rubbber feed pan.

No fighting.  No bucking. 

Just a lot of standing around and eating.

See all of the small black pans?

I still can't get over it.....


  1. That is crazy! I can't believe they don't fight!


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