We called it a vacation.

Some might not call one night away from home a vacation....

But we do.

Just like last year, we headed to Wallowa this weekend to help the LGW crew preg check cows. But this year, we left right after lunch Saturday (in fact, lunch was pizza in the pickup so we could get going) and got there mid-afternoon so we could have everything situated before enjoying a nice evening at the lake.

Visiting over beer, wine and Hermiston Farmer's Market kettle corn -
Seven of us sitting down for a nice dinner accompanied by laughter and the normal battle for the check -
And Tess's apricot pie (so delicious!) to cap the evening off before we settled into our rooms -

It all made for a nice little vacation.

Sweet Leo!

Twist got his first taste of big Wallowa country.

Here comes the 1st group...

Lon making sure everything was ready and set.

The 1st group - in!  Now off to find the rest....


Tess bringing cows to the chute

And Sunday after the cows were gathered;
Rugged terrain that only hid a few cows in the group,
And hot sunshine that kept beating down,

We found horses who were worth their salt.
A manual squeeze chute that caught every head.
Sheri who pulled blood like it was her business.
A patchwork of fields, colored across the valley.
And a good day's work.

Oh - and a lot of pregnant cows. 

That was the whole point, I guess. ;D


  1. flying hawaiianAugust 09, 2012

    awesome! hope you are both doing well


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