Friday, September 28, 2012

5 on Friday.

1. Bunco, baby!
The dice were good to me tonight.  But the friendships and laughter and funny stories are worth more than any amount of Bunco's I could have rolled.

2. Party Punch
Speaking of good times, if you need a punch recipe for your next party - here it is: 

4 cups of cranberry juice (I use light cranberry juice)
6 cups of Squirt or Diet Squirt
2 cups of vodka
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate (I think pink lemonade would be good too)
3 Tbs sugar

Mix all ingredients in large pitcher and enjoy over ice!

*Be careful - this party punch is easy to consume in large quantities. :D

3. More twins.
I called Clint when I got home tonight (he's at the Pilot Rock vs. Irrigon football game watching Austin play) and asked if he still needed me to do any chores.  He didn't, but said he had 2 more sets of twins tonight.  That makes 7 sets of twins so far this fall calving season.

I think Double M Ranch needs to change their name to Double M Dairy - because they're going to need another Jersey to keep up with all of these extra calves!

4. Say cheese!
I have bribes, balloons and a charged battery. Lindsay and I are set to capture some beautiful faces and fun-loving families. Bring on the family sessions this weekend!

5. There is no 5. I just like the way "5 on Friday" sounds.  Happy weekend friends!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We go to the barn tonight to coax calves to milk out the new Jersey picked out at the sale.  What we lack in whooshing milking machines, we gain in the soft suckling of baby calves.

Out of the trailer, into the stanchion, she stands with a black hided nose that nudges the corn distillers in the black feed tub placed in front of her.  A gate closes her left side off from the calves - he wants them to start on the right. 

First one calf, then another, then a third and finally a fourth calf is brought to her.  Bummer twin calves separated from their mothers who just can't be expected to make enough to sustain two, he's brought them to the barn to keep them alive, keep them growing, keep them nourished. 

While normally it's a race to get to the teat...tonight, when we just need them to nurse, no one is interested.

Calves circle, play, jump, butt....everything but nurse.

Frustration mounts, calves become more stubborn, and chore time just gets longer.


It's then that I think that we just have to walk away. 
We need to breathe.
We need to rethink our game plan.

But when I have given up - he has not had enough.


There are times in life when any one of us has wanted to give up.  When we've had enough, had too much, or just can't see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

It's then that we want to throw up our hands, throw in the towel and throw out the plan.

I think to myself - "How am I supposed to know?"

When will I know when enough is enough....and when it isn't?

And while I stand there, about ready to give up, he closes the gate close so that the calf has no choice but to stand.this.close to that teat that they all of sudden have decided not to want.  And he waits.  Sweat drips from his brow, and a forearm meets his tired head to wipe it away.  In my own head I throw up my hands and think to myself, "This just isn't going to work".

But then -

A neck stretches, a nose reaches and soon it's mouth opens and the tongue curls to meet the udder.  A head bumps, a cow jostles, but the calf stays constant. 


For the cow, for the hungry calf, for the frustrated humans.

Blessed, waited for, wished upon, need relief.


Is it experience? 
A gut feeling? 

Whatever it is - it's what makes us know when to stay.
It's that little voice that tells us that we need to push.
To give it just a bit more.
To take one more pace, pound one more post, try one more time.

So if others around you have thrown in the towel, or if you've thrown in the towel.....

Push on.

Relief is around the corner.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Court & Candids.

Pendleton Round Up 2012

The Famous Pendleton Round Up Entry!

Queen Alex

Princess Brittney

Princess Jessica

Mason - "Aww, do I have to take a picture"

Mack was no match for Bob!

Bob told Crash it was Lindsay's 21st birthday....yeah, right!

You mean, these get me beer?!?

Bob & Karen

Jim & Lana

Karen telling Jim what rodeo is REALLY all about. ;)

Annie's going to hate me for posting this - but I love her enthusiasm!

Paco & I

The Clinton and I. Look - he's even smiling!


It was a VERY fun Round Up.

Who's ready for 2013?

Friday, September 21, 2012

The cowboys.

Let's be honest here.

The Pendleton Round Up wouldn't be anything, if it weren't for the cowboys.

(And the cowgirls!)

They ride, buck, rope, wrestle, and run their way through 5 days of rodeo and performances.

Hard work, sweat, a good horse, a good draw and a good shot of luck can make or break you.

And whether it's 8 seconds,
one fast run,
two swings of the rope,
or three turns around the barrels;

Every cowboy and cowgirl who shows up to Pendleton does so because they believe that the Western lifestyle is one worth living.

And because they showed up to win.

I think those who showed up 102 years ago for the 1st Round Up were probably the same way.

Chuck Schmidt

Jesse Bail

Cole Elshere

Travis Carnine

Terry Francis

That lifestyle and our Western heritage is celebrated every 2nd full week of September here in Pendleton, Oregon as we -

Let 'er Buck!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Whether it's the rodeo world or cattle industry,

I think one of the best compliments you can receive, is to be called {handy}.

"That guy - he's sure handy on a horse."

"That girl - she looks to be pretty handy."

It's someone who can handle themselves in a lot of different situations.

 They're usually a team with their horse, can swing a rope well, know when to jump in a help, and when to leave well enough alone. 

And most importantly, they can get you out of a pickle.

The arena crew at the Round Up is a great set of people, many of whom have volunteered their time and skill for many years.

They push calves, carry flags, help cowboys, play practical jokes on the clown, and make things happen.

Here's a tip of the hat to those who helped - and those who showed your skill.

Thanks for being {handy}.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Calves that keep coming.

4 sets of twins in 48 hours.

While twins are always good for a rancher's calving percentage, 4 sets in two days is kind of a lot. 

I was hoping this week to edit and post pictures from Round Up, but the group of cows Clint is calving out right now is pumping out the babies.  Understandably, he's needed some extra help in the evenings.  So instead of clicking through pictures, my fingers (and Clint's too) have been fixing bottles, cajoling little mouths to nurse, bumping calves up to cows locked in the headstall to make sure everyone gets their share of colostrum, and feeding, watering and tagging pairs locked near the barn.

And as we wrap up this day - and hope for some rest, and a few more singles - I am thankful for calf nipples, cows that stood, calves that wanted to nurse, Jersey's who keep on giving, and milk replacer when there just wasn't quite enough to go around.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Letting 'er Buck!

- 2012 Pendleton Round Up -

Friday, Sept. 15


 Today was about watching newphew's buck,

Checking items off of the bucket list,

 And maybe drinking a few beers.

A great day.

Let 'er Buck!