Calves that keep coming.

4 sets of twins in 48 hours.

While twins are always good for a rancher's calving percentage, 4 sets in two days is kind of a lot. 

I was hoping this week to edit and post pictures from Round Up, but the group of cows Clint is calving out right now is pumping out the babies.  Understandably, he's needed some extra help in the evenings.  So instead of clicking through pictures, my fingers (and Clint's too) have been fixing bottles, cajoling little mouths to nurse, bumping calves up to cows locked in the headstall to make sure everyone gets their share of colostrum, and feeding, watering and tagging pairs locked near the barn.

And as we wrap up this day - and hope for some rest, and a few more singles - I am thankful for calf nipples, cows that stood, calves that wanted to nurse, Jersey's who keep on giving, and milk replacer when there just wasn't quite enough to go around.


  1. A busy life is a good life ... and especially when it includes twins!! GREAT pics!!


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