The cowboys.

Let's be honest here.

The Pendleton Round Up wouldn't be anything, if it weren't for the cowboys.

(And the cowgirls!)

They ride, buck, rope, wrestle, and run their way through 5 days of rodeo and performances.

Hard work, sweat, a good horse, a good draw and a good shot of luck can make or break you.

And whether it's 8 seconds,
one fast run,
two swings of the rope,
or three turns around the barrels;

Every cowboy and cowgirl who shows up to Pendleton does so because they believe that the Western lifestyle is one worth living.

And because they showed up to win.

I think those who showed up 102 years ago for the 1st Round Up were probably the same way.

Chuck Schmidt

Jesse Bail

Cole Elshere

Travis Carnine

Terry Francis

That lifestyle and our Western heritage is celebrated every 2nd full week of September here in Pendleton, Oregon as we -

Let 'er Buck!


  1. Darcy, you make Cyclone Tailgating look like child's play compared to the Round Up. It's on our bucket list!!

  2. Come! Come! I think that sounds like a roadtrip! :)


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