To gather.


To bring together into one group.

To bring together from various sources and people.

To serve as a center of attention.

To pick or harvest.

To pick up piece by piece.

Sunday morning, we helped gather at the Francis Ranch.

But we did so much more than just gather cattle.

We gathered horses, kids, thoughts and pictures.
Memories, laughter, sunglasses and confidence.

While there may have been a few minutes of frustration,
for the most part the gathering went very smoothly.

(Disclaimer: No cattle were harmed in the throwing of a sorting stick.)
The dust and wind couldn't stop us - we were on a mission to gather.


What are you {gathering} in your world?

May it bring you joy!


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  2. Not sure how I did it, but I accidentally removed your comment "Loved the gate sorter!". Sorry Kristi :(

  3. I'm gathering gifts right and left ... just have to know where/when to look :)

    LOVE you!!


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