Francis Branding.

(I'm behind....but gaining ground!)

September was kind of a whirlwind at work, and I missed the beginning of the Francis branding because I had 2 work functions to go to, but I was able to make it out there later in the afternoon. 

Didn't you know - friends, ropes, livestock and cold beer is always the best solution to the end of a long, stressful work week?

Terry & Anna moved up their branding this year, and I think it worked out well for them.

Plus, they know what it takes to put on a great branding.

1. You need a good crew.  And they had a GREAT crew!

2. Make it fun for everyone & let the kiddos participate.

3. Have a lot of cold beer. 

4. Thank your crew with a home-cooked meal.

As you can see - there are no pictures the meal.

But trust me - it was wonderful.
And plentiful.
Enough that we got to enjoy it a second time that night for dinner.


Thanks again Terry & Anna and the rest of the crew for making that afternoon in Saturday a fun one.  We appreciate all of you, and all that you do!

For more pictures from the branding, check out Jenny's blog.


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