Roping in joy.

I haven't posted in awhile...but that doesn't mean I haven't been taking pictures.

My fingers have been busy editing family pictures Lindsay & I took two weeks ago, but in that process, I ran across these I had taken when we were at a branding in September.

We helped brand out at the Lindsay Ranch last month, and always enjoy working with the great group of people who show up to get the job done at those brandings.

And the meal is always stellar...the Lindsay ladies know how to make pie!
Clint especially enjoys brandings where the calves are roped vs. using a calf table.


Joy & Enjoyment.

They're good things to have in a life lived with width.


Tell me - what joy are you roping in this week?


PS - Sometimes, things take a bit of extra rope & {reach}.

But there is joy out there!

- Stretch, loop, pull, catch and hold tight to those things that bring you joy. -

They're worth it.


  1. Love this post! And all the pics!

  2. So fun! You're a great creator and capturer of JOY! Keep roping & living well!


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