Day 25.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving....

I'm giving thanks this month each day on my blog.


Day 25

I'm thankful for our Christmas tree.

Last night when we were celebrating Anna's birthday (pictures to come!) I got a text from our friend Betsy that said her dad was going to head our way with a Christmas tree.

Betsy & her dad Dave live on a farm outside of Albany where they grow Christmas trees & filberts, and last year brought us the most beautiful Christmas tree to have in our home.  They made a quick trip over last year, and this year Betsy said they'd be bringing us a tree again. 


Betsy stayed home, since they had people coming to cut trees, but at 7:15 this morning, our phone rang, and it was Dave saying he was sitting at the Space Age, with our trees in tow.

Bryan, Dave & Clint

What a lovely, quick visit we had.

Thank you Betsy & Dave for our Christmas tree.

But as thankful as we are for it, we're the most thankful for your friendship.

Let the Christmas Season begin!
What are you thankful for today?

Join me (and a whole lot of other people) in giving thanks.
On a blog, on Facebook, a private journal, or a thought kept in your head.
I bet you'll be thankful you did!


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