Day 5.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving....

I'm giving thanks this month each day on my blog.


Day 5

I'm thankful for rest.

Did you know that two of my favorite days of the year fell in the same week this year?

Nov. 4th - Day Light Savings, and where we "Fall Back" and get a whole, luxurious, extra hour of sleep.

4:40 am wasn't so awful yesterday because of that, and this morning we actually woke up before our alarm clock.  (We still heard it though....waking up, and getting out of bed are two totally separate things.  Lol.  You can bet I stayed under the covers until the last possible minute.)

PS - One of my other favorite days of the year is Nov. 1st - the day after Halloween when all of the candy is 50% off.  Not that I have a sweet tooth or anything. 

Is $50 to much to spend on candy?

It isn't?  Great, I didn't think so either.

What are you thankful for today?

Join me (and a whole lot of other people) in giving thanks.

On a blog, on Facebook, a private journal, or a thought kept in your head.

I bet you'll be thankful you did!


  1. Sadly, your pile of $50 worth of candy is much much smaller than it used to be. :)

  2. my boys will be thankful for your pile :) but probably not my dentist ...LOL!


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