Twelve things on the twelth day of December 2012.

1. We had our Christmas party at the office today.  I made Texas Trash bean dip.  It was 'tres yummy.

2. I drew #17 (out of 17) for the white elephant gift exchange after lunch....and chose lottery tickets.  Unfortunately the gift I got last year and wanted again - the {bucket of beer} which is a mop pail filled with a 6-pack - had already been stolen too many times. 

3.  Our satellite has been broken, and we haven't been able to watch about 1/3 of our channels....including GAC.  Which, if you follow rodeo, you know that the NFR is on GAC.  When I called Dish about a week ago, they said they couldn't send out a tech until the 19th.  Well, silly Dish people...the NFR would be over by then!  I didn't raise a stink, but you can imagine my delight when they called this morning and said they had an opening for this afternoon....I left work right after our party, and the guy is on top of the roof fixing away as I type these words.  Jackpot!

4. Speaking of jackpot - I couldn't decide if I wanted to write this post first, or scratch my Scratch-it's. I chose writing. I figured if I won the lottery, that could be a blog post all in it's own.

5. I made the Pioneer Woman's Italian Drip Beef today in my crockpot...if you haven't even made this recipe, you need to.  But totally use a crockpot - it's much easier.  I just put my frozen roast in, dump the rest of the ingredients on top, put it on low and walk away for 6-10 hours.  And VOILA!  Perfect, delicious, moist, yummy shredded beef every time!

6. It is a beautiful day here.  So nice, I wanted to stop along the freeway and take pictures of the view to the West...but I didn't.  I had a cable guy to meet.

7.  There are 12 days until Christmas....and I am almost done with my shopping!  Thank goodness for free shipping and nieces who want cash.   Cash is very inexpensive to ship.  :)  And I'm all about being a good aunt.

8. I had big intentions of signing & dating a lot of things today 12-12-12...but then I only worked a 1/2 day, and those plans went out the window.

9. When I was twelve, we lived in Newberg, OR and I went to Renne Middle School. I was in 6th grade, and remember my teacher Mr. Kirby. We always thought he looked like the Ken doll. But he was a good teacher. They tore the school down the next year. There was a lot of character in that old school.

10. I went to the post office today to mail our nephew Jace his birthday present.   I'll give a hint....it's orange & black, and he loves the Beavers.

11. This is a fun way to post.  I might have to do this more often. 

12. I do not think the world is going to end any time soon. But this cartoon circulating on Facebook does make me laugh.

Credit for post idea: Miz Booshay


  1. You have no idea the popularity you are gonna attain when she sees the cash!!!

  2. Your crockpot recommendation just went in...here's to a snow day tomorrow so we can enjoy it at lunch.


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