Keep calm and feed on.

No matter how hectic a day might be at the ranch;

Even if it's a holiday, or just a regular day;

The cows still have to be fed.


Luckily, Double M has a great feeding crew.

Guys who show up every day, early in the morning, and without complaint.

Trucks get loaded, strings get cut, and hay gets flaked.

Load after load, hay gets delivered to cows that are eagerly waiting for their meal.

Another day, another month and another season of feeding is upon us.

And while some may find it monotonous, I think there's beauty in routine, goodness found in a great crew, and pride taken in a job well done.

Keep calm, and feed on.


  1. Pictures of the life in a day ... life well lived 365 days a year! Live on! :)

  2. I LOVE your have a great eye and capture life in such a REAL way! And, hey, look there's a Whitey in this herd too :) Sweet blessings!


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