Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I think that {behind} is the word of the week for me....maybe even the month.

I've been behind on sleep, patience and time.

I'm behind on cleaning my house, doing the laundry and mopping my floors. 

I'm behind on editing pictures, formulating words that are cohesive, and posting.

I'm behind on loving, behind on laughing, and behind on being a good wife to Clint.

I'm behind on doing some things I want to do for me.  Selfish, but true.

I'm just {behind}.


If you'd have looked up the word {GRUMPY} this weekend in the dictionary,

You'd probably have seen this -

Me - frustrated, tired, comparing, grumpy, me.

It's just this time of year.  It has, is, and always will be a tough month for me.

We've all been {behind}.

Behind the cab of a feed truck, flaking hay off and feeding pairs.

Behind the wheel of the pickup, checking calving cows.

Behind the butt of a calf, urging it to nurse a cow.

Behind a hose, filling water troughs and tubs.

Behind a desk, reviewing, prioritizing and planning.

All of these places are priorities, and important. 

It's just that they can leave you a little behind.

What I still need to work on, and figure out how to be, is -

Behind my husband, supporting him 100%.


Not grumpy. 
Not frustrated. 
Not working myself up over things that aren't meant to be right now.

Behind my desk at work, rested and able to give 100% to my co-workers and our producers.

Behind those closest to me - supporting, cheering, and listening.

I am a work in progress.

I think we all are. 

Like the sun rises, and sets each day - we get a new start.

A chance to be foggy - or filled with light.

A chance to be in front of the 8-ball, or behind the curve.

I don't have all of the answers, I know that I can't do everything, and I don't know if I can be all of the things I've listed above...but I'm going to try.

So here's to being {behind} each other, cheering & loving us through this great life.

Know that I'm {behind} you.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Horsin' around.

My husband loves to ride. 

I however, as I have stated many times here before, do not.

So when we have friends over that love to ride too, it's a good thing.

I get to keep my feet squarely planted on the ground....
and Clint gets to enjoy riding with someone else who enjoys riding.

Last weekend - he hit the jackpot. 
There were THREE people here who wanted to ride!

The Hinton's came to visit for the weekend, and so on Sunday, we sorted pairs out of the heavies.

Clint, Kati, Klanci & Hardy rode....
Twist, Jug & Tommy got to work a few pairs,
and Brian & I kept our feet firmly on the ground.

Jackpot for all involved.

Thank you Hinton family for staying with us, and blessing us with your friendship.

And I don't say that just because you rode with Clint on Sunday.  ;)

Although that is a pretty good friendship benefit.

Here's to more days of riding together!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A menagerie.

It's getting down the end of the calving season, which means we have a bit of a hodge podge in the pens around the calving barn.

A few bummers, some sick calves, calves with casts on, cows who aren't giving quite enough milk, and pairs who just need a little more {love} than the rest.

Oh - and the ladies of the {Double M Dairy} are close by too - we can't forget about them.

Without them....there'd be a whole lot of bottle mixin' going on.

And in case you don't keep up with the milk replacer {market}, the stuff isn't cheap.

So whenever there's a need, Clint picks up a Jersey cow from the sale, and they find their keep here at the ranch.  And they are the best little mothers to the extra twins and bummer calves we have hanging around the barn.....they always come running to the gate when it's time for chores.


We keep this group close because they need a little extra attention...and who can blame them?

Don't we all want to be singled out, giving an extra dose of love, a few more flakes of hay {well....maybe not hay} and a few more minutes of attention every day?

While the goal is to get everyone healthy....independent...and turned out.....Until then, we'll keep on loving this little menagerie we have here at the ranch.  :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Why it's all worth it.


We could all use some right now.

But this is not the month for sleep. 

It's calving season. 

Not just for us either - for many of you out there. 

It's the month where people say,

"I saw (insert Mr. Rancher's name here) and they looked like death warmed over."

And no I did not make that up...someone really did say that to me yesterday.

This is the month where we stay up to check cows & heifers, to make sure calving is coming along ok.

It's when we make extra trips to the barn at night to tube or IV calves that we're fighting to keep alive.

When we get in the house and instead of doing our laundry, we wash barn towels that have you name it soaked right thru. 

We mix bottles, and coax calves to drink as milk fills their bellies and dribbles down their chins leaving little creamy pools on the concrete floor. 

We check cows again, make sure erratic mothers are paired back with their calves and deliver hay to those who are busy licking off a new baby.

And it's not until all of that is done, that we get to walk in the door and sit down to dinner.  The other night, for us, it was cheese quesadillas at 9:30 pm.  Because hello; two ingredients, one pan - and just a few minutes until yumminess is in your belly? 

I think so.

It's why we head out the door in the morning, usually a few minutes late, hoping we have everything we need for the day.

And it's why I hit up the McDonald's drive-thru and order 2 large Diet Coke's, because well...

 Diet Coke (or Diet Pepsi) makes everything better. 

And because February leaves little time for editing....these are SOOC.


There are no vacation days on a ranch in February.  Probably not many in March either. 

Cows have to be fed, heifers have to be checked, calves have to be tagged and barns have to be mucked.

But -

It is all worth it.

It really is.

It's hard to put into words why it's worth it, but I just know that it is.

It's not a lifestyle for all, but it's our lifestyle.  And we'll keep living it.


"The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The month of love.

If you were a fly on the wall, in any ranching family's household during the month of February;

You might argue that February is NOT the month of love.

But I'd say it is.

Yes - if you tell me that February is the month when we're usually the crankiest, the grumpiest, the least patient....

You'd probably be right.

But I'd argue that this is the month when ranching couples show what their love is made of.

They prove why they're married, and why their love is strong.


So today, on February 14th, the one day we're supposed to celebrate love, and all things rosy & red;

I'll be here, celebrating him. 

And our marriage. 

Because he is the best {pardner}  I could ever ask for.

Because even when we're tired, and grumpy, and have short tempers...

We both know that we love each other.

And that it's a kind of love that is a
{Forever, and ever, and no matter what}
kind of love.

It's a kind of love that sees past the sleepiness, and the grumpiness and knows that those things are caused by a set of priorities...and not a lack of love.

It's an understanding that certain things have to be done during this time of year, and that those things rarely leave time for nice dinners out, roses picked out at the florist's or gifts set out to be opened.

To me, the ideal Valentine's Day just includes him. 

And if I want to ask for a lot, I'd ask for a dinner at home, a problem free night of checking heifers, and  no sick calves in the barn.

But that's just me.


Here's hoping each and every one of you has the {ideal} Valentine's Day. 

A day in which you celebrate those you love, and the priorities that have put those people in your life.

And if you need a little excitement in your day....

Well, you know you can probably find us at the calving barn.  :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

LGW Bull Sale

2013 LGW Powerful Performance Bull Sale

Hermiston, OR


What a great day for a bull sale! 

The weather was awesome, the sun was shining and folks were in good spirits.

The bulls looked pretty good too.  :D

The sale crew - Mark Frisbie, Trent Stewart, Sheri & Lon Wadekamper, Rod Wesselman and Willard Wolfe

It was a great day to be in Hermiston...
A great day to be purchasing bulls...
And a great day to be surrounded by friends in the cattle industry.

Thank you Lon & Sheri for being such great hosts,
and a big thank you to the crew who worked hard to make the day happen.

Here's to a successful 2013 breeding season!