A menagerie.

It's getting down the end of the calving season, which means we have a bit of a hodge podge in the pens around the calving barn.

A few bummers, some sick calves, calves with casts on, cows who aren't giving quite enough milk, and pairs who just need a little more {love} than the rest.

Oh - and the ladies of the {Double M Dairy} are close by too - we can't forget about them.

Without them....there'd be a whole lot of bottle mixin' going on.

And in case you don't keep up with the milk replacer {market}, the stuff isn't cheap.

So whenever there's a need, Clint picks up a Jersey cow from the sale, and they find their keep here at the ranch.  And they are the best little mothers to the extra twins and bummer calves we have hanging around the barn.....they always come running to the gate when it's time for chores.


We keep this group close because they need a little extra attention...and who can blame them?

Don't we all want to be singled out, giving an extra dose of love, a few more flakes of hay {well....maybe not hay} and a few more minutes of attention every day?

While the goal is to get everyone healthy....independent...and turned out.....Until then, we'll keep on loving this little menagerie we have here at the ranch.  :)


  1. I Love your little family that need extra TLC...I'm so curious why the two calves have casts??? Did they actually have breaks or were their tendons just not stretched??? You know us "cow folk" can never have enough stories or info that might help us in a similiar situation one day :) Wishing you a GREAT weekend filled with some rest and many Sweet blessings!

  2. What a fun post. Calves with ouchy legs are lucky to be kept in close. Less traveling time!

  3. Both of the calves had broken legs. The one with the broken front leg had it happen the day it was born (we're not quite sure what happened...) and the one with the back leg we're pretty sure got stepped on. Hermiston Vet is great, and they can get a calf x-rayed super quick. Clint & Terry Francis put the cast on the front leg, but the calf with the back leg, Dr. Rademacher made a really cool metal frame that the rear leg is suspended in, and then the frame is slung over the calf's hip (to support the weight of the calf, instead of putting it on the broken leg) and then it's all taped around so that the leg stays in the frame....no casting materials at all!

    It's amazing what those guys can do...and I agree with you Kristi - it is less travel time....but if those two didn't have a cast on, you wouldn't know they had broken legs...they run and buck all over the place! :)

  4. WOW...they are lucky calves to have such good care takers :) And, that is totally AMAZING about the frame and the back leg!!! Praying they heal perfectly...and so in awe how well calves always adapt!!! Sweet blessings! P.S. THANKS for the info.....you just never know when it might come in handy somewhere :)


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