The Cadillac of Feed Trucks.

Once we get close, and into, calving season Clint feeds the cows he's responsible for at Double M in the evenings.  This prompts most of them to have their calves during the day, since once they get fed in the evening their brain stops saying "Let's have a baby!" and starts saying "Let's go eat!".

I can totally relate to the "Let's go eat!". 

One of the side benefits of feeding in the late afternoon and evening, is that Jack & Duane are done feeding their cows, and the {Cadillac} feed truck is available for use. 

While the red feed truck (the one Clint uses earlier in the season) gets the job done, the blue feed truck is pretty swank.

And no....Cadillac did not start making feed trucks all of a sudden; this is a Ford that has some name the guys call it all of the time that I can never I just call it the Cadillac.

It has -

Air ride seats.
Lots of handles to pull yourself up on the bed.  - No looking like a beached whale here!
Smooooooth brakes.
Easy going acceleration.

And while it might have a couple of miles on it's odometer, it still starts up and runs like a champ!

I tell 'ya - it's the small things in life that really make a big difference.

Oh - and Jack always leaves a pair of ski goggles in the Cadillac.

Which I may or may not use.  Every time we feed.  Ahem.

Sorry Jack.

It's just that they are quite handy when it is blowing 30 mph and hay is flying EVERYWHERE. 

Including in my eyes.

I may look like an idiot when I help Clint feed cows.

But I don't care.

The pain of not looking beautiful is WAY better than the pain of alfalfa leaves in your eyes!

While there's hopefully just a few more weeks of feeding left, and we've had a pretty easy winter - we have many blessings to be thankful for.

A nice feed truck to feed with is just one of them.

Borrowed ski goggles are another.  :D


  1. You always make me giggle with your posts! And YAY for getting to drive the Cadillac :) It's so the little things that make the biggest differences!!! Sweet blessings!


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