The power of BEEF

I love to eat beef.

The funny thing is, I didn't grow up around beef cattle, and I didn't even really eat that much beef growing up.  We were more of a chicken, pork, top ramen because teenagers can make it themself, kind of family.  My mom did occasionally cook with ground beef and my parents made a great marinated tri-tip with their secret spice rub. 

So when I met and later married Clint - my beef recipe repetoire wasn't exactly the most extensive.  Since then, I've really come to like beef, and I use it in most of my recipes.

Not only do we like to eat beef, but it's a part of how we make our livelihood.  So when the chance comes up to promote beef, we're there! 

Every year, the Umatilla County Cattlemen's Association (UCCA) marinates & grills tri-tip at the PGG Spring Spectacular, and then gives samples away to the public who is attending.  The majority of people who attend are not "ag" people, so we really get to spread the good word about beef and show how easy & convenient it can be to prepare at home.  Not to mention how great it tastes.  This year, over 1,000 samples were given out in about 4 hours! 

Randy Mills, our OSU Beef Extension Agent marinates the beef ahead of time, and has it ready for grilling when we get to the Convention Center.  It never fails that every year he gets asked repeatedly for his recipe and he never minds sharing. 

Randy's Marinade:
Combine equal parts garlic salt, coarse ground pepper & parsley flakes. Lightly coat a tri-tip, or steak, in olive or canola oil, and season with mixture.  Marinate in refrigerator overnightd, then grill on medium heat to desired doneness.  Serve and enjoy!

Doesn't that make you want to go grill a steak today? 

And if you're trying to watch what you're eating, beef can still have a place in your diet.  There are over 19 cuts of lean beef, and tri-tip is one of them.  So not only is it healthy, but it's affordable, easy to prepare and a quick dinner solution that tastes great.  Sounds like a win-win to me!  Beef - it's what's for dinner at our house most nights, and hopefully yours too.


  1. L O V E this post! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day...and way to go promoting's what's for dinner at our house too :) Sweet blessings!


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