The view at Double R.

This weekend, we bred cows & heifers at the Double R Ranch in Loomis, WA.

A ranch a few miles from the Canadian border, it seemed like whichever way you looked, a more expansive & varied view met you.


Words & my pictures don't do it justice. It simply, was beautiful.

I kept thinking that to capture it adequately, I needed the widest, wide angle lens there was.  Not that I own one - but this weekend, I would have loved to.  My father-in-law Dave kept saying, "Darcy, make sure you get pictures so I can show Melly!". 

Mel - I know you're out there reading they are. :) 

I could have taken pictures all day long....but we were there to do a job, and somebody had to run the thaw unit.  Although I did sneak a few of us while were working - it does take 30 seconds after all to thaw a unit of semen, and I made the most of every one of them!  Those will come tomorrow....

We might not all have such a tremendous view where we live, but it's up to us to make the most of the view we have.  So I hope wherever you are, and whatever you are doing....that you are enjoying the view.  May it be so wide that the widest wide angle lens wouldn't be able to capture it.


  1. spectacular!!

    and I loved what you wrote at the end about making our own views beautiful ~ so necessary :)


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