I want to be able to open his gates.

I was in Iowa this weekend for my cousin Alayna's wedding to her new husband Kenny, and it made me think about my own wedding to my handsome man.

And after a long flight filled with delays, a late night drive back to the house & early morning drive to work....

Marriage is wonderful, fulfilling, loving and beautiful.

But it is also a lot of work, and not without its bumps.

I about started crying when I read #13. 

The woman's words tugged at my heartstrings through the computer screen.

And reminded me that life is short. 

Don't take anything for granted.

The next time Clint asks me to get the gate - I'm going to do it with a smile. 

And while none of us lives forever, I hope that I have many days of opening gates in front of me.

I love you Clint. 
Forever & ever.
And no matter what.
Love, me.


What is your best marriage advice?

If you'd be so kind, leave a note in the comments.


We were reminded once again yesterday in Boston that life is meant to be lived; for in a moment, it can be taken away.  My heart is heavy, and I lift up those families in prayer.


  1. I Love this post..thanks for sharing it! It truly does make you stop and say THANKS for the little things! Wishing you a GREAT Wednesday! Sweet blessings!


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