Sort, pen, breed, repeat.

Let the games begin.

Actually - I think they've already begun.

While we started breeding heifers at the end of March, this last weekend marked the start to a month that basically is filled with breeding projects.

We're blessed to get to work with such great people - both those we breed with and the customers whose cattle we breed.  RJ and I were joking this weekend that it's a good thing we all like each other, since we spend so much time together!

This weekend we bred for a few ranches, but I was only able to get the camera out the first day, when we were breeding Jason's heifers. 

Jason, Coy & Billy Jack would bring the heifers up to the working area in groups, and sort them by the time they were seen standing in heat.


The heifers were sorted by time, since we try to breed them 12 hours after we first saw them in standing heat.  This set of heifers had pink patches glued on their tailheads that are a lot like a scratch-it lottery ticket.  When another heifer would ride her, the silver "scratch it" part is rubbed off, revealing a flourescent pink patch below.  When a heifer turns pink, we know we need to breed her 12 hours later.

Each pen of heifers gets ridden periodically, and group after group, the heifers get sorted out & penned.

Twelve hours later, they're ready to be bred. 

The heifers are brought from their pen up to the breeding box, where they are AI'ed.  (AI = Artificial Insemination)  The breeding box is great because the heifers remain calm, and in the case of Friday - we were protected from the weather.  (It poured Friday - but we were thankful for the rain!)

This crew is fun to work with, and funny to boot!

I'm looking forward to breeding their next group of heifers later this week.

Here's to more days of successful AI'ing and a lot more laughter!


  1. I can only imagine the tutorial you have just shared (and the accompanying cow photos) being read in Minneapolis!!

  2. Bahaha...and here I told Amanda I wouldn't be posting pics of cows for awhile after the wedding. I just went and made myself a liar. Lol. ;)


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