The Clancy Stack.

We have a tradition on my mom's side of the family, that usually involves

1.) The Clancy cousins
(Now with 2nd cousins, since my cousin Andrea has two little boys)

2.) All of us lined up by age


3.) A camera

This weekend at Alayna's wedding, we made the stack happen again!

Alayna's Wedding - 2013
By Age - Me, Alicia, Ryan, Amanda, Andrea, Lindsay, Alayna & Jenna
Aiden & Connor

The only cousin missing was we showed where he would have been.

Grandma and the spouses & significant others joined in for this one - Fun!

Love, love, love this side of our family - we can get together after not seeing each other for a year or two, and pick right up where we left off.

Although I'm game for seeing each other more often....

Who's getting married next?!? 

Previous stacks....

Our Wedding - 2011
Me, Alicia, Shawn, Clint, Ryan, Alayna & Lindsay

Clancy Tailgate - 2010
Me, Clint, Brian, Alicia, Ryan, Andrea, Amanda
Alayna, Lindsay, Jenna, Aiden & Connor

I wish I had a digital copy, but the original "Clancy Stack" happened at my Grandma's wedding to her past husband Luschen when I was 16.  It's the only one where all 9 of us cousins are in it, and while it's an oldie - it's a goodie!

Here's to many more occasions to get together with the Clancy clan!


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