Five things.

1. My work life is crazy right now.  In the best possible way - but it's still crazy.  We are right in the middle of a huge CRP sign up, and software sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, and all I basically think about is rental rates, bid points, CP 1 or CP 2 and how many legumes and forbs do you have?  We are getting to see a lot of our favorite producers and while they usually have a lot of hard, hypothetical & challenging questions, we're still glad to see them.  But I won't lie - I'm looking forward to June 14th (the end of CRP sign up).  You'll probably find me, and a crew from our staff down at Hamley's enjoying happy hour. 

2. Garnier's BB Cream needs to be in your makeup arsenal. When we were in Jordan Valley, and our initial plans were to stay Saturday night, and head home Sunday morning.  Plans changed and we ended up staying Sunday too....the only problem was, I hadn't packed any makeup or real clothes that I could show up in public in.  (A sweatshirt stained with manure probably isn't the best thing to wear to a rodeo....or maybe it is?) 

Anyway, Clint's dad Dave was flying out of Boise that morning, so after I dropped him off at the airport, I ran into Target to pick up a few things to make myself presentable.  This BB cream was one of them - I'd seen a few reviews on blogs that were great, so I thought I'd try it out.

Now normally I am strictly a Bare Minerals girl.  I love that stuff.  And it loves my skin.  But at 9 am on a Sunday in Boise, my options for finding a store that carried it was pretty slim.  So drugstore make-up it was.  And this stuff is awesome.  It's sunscreen and tinted moisturizer in one.  Except it's heavier than a moisturizer (but lighter than a foundation) so it gives great coverage. It now lives in my makeup bag, and I use it under my Bare Minerals foundation.  And I fully intend on using it solely on the weekends, when normally I'd just put a bit of moisturizer on and some mascara. 

3. I'm headed to happy hour at La Palma with the Bunco girls just as soooooon as I hit publish.

Publish can't come fast enough.  ;)

4. This guy is the best. He'll always be my favorite thing.  Love you babe.

5. I originally titled this post "Five things on Friday." 

 And then, I realized it's only Thursday.....

Pretty sure that means I need to have two margaritas tonight, right?


  1. My little sister got me hooked on BB cream months ago and I'll never go back to foundation! I like the L'Oreal brand, but I'll have to give that kind a try!

  2. 2's orders! A toast to June 16th!


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