The Big Loop.

A weekend in Jordan Valley was just what we needed last week.  And I don't even think we realized we needed it until after it was all over.

Morgan & Kim invited us to JV a few weeks ago to take in the Jordan Valley Big Loop.  We had never been before, and there have been some changes in a state law that makes horse roping illegal, so we wanted to be sure to go if/when those changes are enacted.

And can I just say - it was the best time.

The whole thing is family oriented, a celebration of the ranching lifestyle, and a relaxed affair.  If you don't have fun during the Big Loop.....well, then I guess you aren't a Fun-Haver!

I mean - you can roll your cooler right into the rodeo grounds and plop it down next to your seats.  Where else can you do that these days?

So Saturday morning we packed up our beer & Angry Orchard into the collapsible cooler, loaded the four of us (Dave, Lindsay, Clint & I) and our stuff into the Equinox and headed south to JV.

And after such a great weekend - it just might have to become an annual event.

Hopefully the Johnsrud's are ok with that....because Jordan Valley isn't exactly the hotel mecca.   :)

Thank you Morgan & Kim for hosting us, and for {talking us} into another day. 
We appreciate you & your friendship!


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