Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A goodbye to July.

Goodbye July.

You were filled with jackpot shows, fireworks and friends;
Beautiful sunsets, smoke filled skies and hot, harvest days.
Sweat poured, temperatures climbed and we got a new well pump;
Weekends were spent in Wallowa, Twist's foot continued to heal and meals were shared.
You were good to us July, and hopefully we'll see you and all of your beauty again next year.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Growing in the sun.

It only makes sense that sunflowers would be grown in Hermiston.

We do get a lot of sun here.  ;)

A local farmer has a few circles of sunflowers near the ranch, and I was excited when a neighboring family wanted to have their pictures taken near the field.

So we tromped out to the field one evening last week and took a go at it.

The thing with "sun" is that "heat" is usually involved - and it was a scorcher, even at 7 pm.

I hope they enjoy how their pictures turned out - it was a new setting for me, and fun to try a background and lighting I wasn't really 100% comfortable in. 

But that's how you grow, I guess.....and what better place to {grow} than in a sunflower field.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday at the ranch.

Barley harvest has begun, seed corn continues to grow and the river is beginning to wane.

Electric fence continues to be stretched, cows are moved to new grass and the dogs are always ready to go.

It's Friday here at the ranch, and life is good.

Happy weekend friends - I hope yours is refreshing & filled with goodness.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

When we're in the Wallowas....

We're probably moving cows.

Let's just be honest - most of our {vacations} revolve around cattle.

While the wedding was the reason we'd planned this trip, it worked out well that we could help move a set of cows while we there too.  Terry & Anna and Hannah were going to be in the area too, so they brought their horses along and we made a morning ride of it.

Anna and I rode too.....well, we rode the Rhino.  :)  And it worked out great!

By the end of the morning, all of the cattle had been gathered and moved to a new pasture and pushed waaaayyyy up the hill. 

Then we finished the morning my favorite way.....with lunch at Terminal Gravity.  I branched out a bit and had their Asian steak salad (I usually get their steak pita) and Clint had their steak nachos....and both meals were delicious!  If you're in Enterprise, you need to eat there.  You won't regret it!

Chief Joseph Days is this weekend, and while we wish we were headed back up there to the rodeo, sadly we'll be at home.  But we'll be wishing all of you that are there a fun weekend! 

PS - Joseph has what may be my most favorite sign.....

Anna says I need to have one made for the road next to our house, and I couldn't agree more!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A wedding in the Wallowas.

We usually don't really need a reason to head to Wallowa - it's beautiful up there, and usually cooler than our little town in the summer. 

But last weekend we had a great reason to head up there - Chelcee & Zach were getting married.  And the next day, we had a set of cows that needed to be moved to new pasture...but the main reason was the wedding!

And for those of you who know Chelcee or Zach, it will come to no surprise to you that the wedding was beautiful.  These two used to live near us, and Chelcee taught Ag at Echo for two years.  Their fun loving nicknames were 'Ken & Barbie' and Chelcee's maiden name of Noland combined with the Echo Cougar mascot earned her the nickname "Nol-Cat".

And let me just tell you - the Nol-Cat was simply stunning in her off white gown, and Ken was dashing in his suit & tie. 

Whisps of turquoise wove between corals & burlap, and boots blanketed the entire wedding party.  Funny but meaningful vows, a bride & groom who are beautiful people inside & out, and a pastor who spoke of a love and level of commitment that couldn't be denied rounded out the afternoon.

I was in the waaaay back, and didn't want to stand up and block others, but the ceremony was awesome!

The love getaway....

This is how we know Chelcee & Zach best...smiling & full of life.

The bridal party making their getaway to the Thunder Room.

The reception was pretty fun {and funny} too. 

Everyone proceeded to the Thunder Room at the CJD grounds after the wedding for a wonderful dinner, and a pie table that went on and on and on.... 

We sat with Betsy & her dad, Dave, Raymon, and visited with other Echo & OSU friends as we celebrated and toasted the bride & groom. 

And I even got to dance with my handsome husband. 

Icing on the proverbial cake.

After heading back to the Double M cabin for the night, we rested up before heading out to gather cows and push them up the mountain to fresh pasture in the morning.  (Post to come.)

Congratulations Chelcee & Zach on a beautiful wedding....but more importantly, we just know your marriage will be one that will stand the test of time, and be filled with love and laughter. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wheat harvest.

The heat rippled across amber waves of grain, as the auger of the combine swung out.

The grain tank was full, and ready to be dumped into the waiting grain cart.

Wheat harvest had begun.

No one is expecting record setting yields here in Umatilla County after a dry spring, but it's also not turning out to be the worst crop seen in recent years. 

The west end of the county started about two weeks ago, and slowly but surely, others to the east have joined in, pulling equipment out into the fields.  

Long hours, hot days & patient farmers feeding the world.

There's nothing quite like the cadence of the wind across the wheat......