Five family pictures on Friday.

Vial Family Reunion - Storm Lake, Iowa - 2013


We got home from our week long vacation last Tuesday.  Clint had a conference in Greeley, and the Vial family reunion was the weekend following it, so we combined a couple of trips, packed the Equinox to the brim, and headed East.

All of our extended family lives in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and Minnesota so our goal was to see as much family as we could.  I think we can say we got that done.   

Clancy Clan - Pomeroy, Iowa - 2013
After leaving our house Tuesday evening, we got into Cheyenne Wednesday afternoon and met up with Kristi, Mel & Jacobi to drop off our nephew Jace who'd flown out to stay with us for a few weeks prior.  We ate dinner with them, and then headed into Greeley for the Genex Large Herd Summit

After the conference, we spent Friday evening with Clint's mom, grandma and uncle. 

Saturday we picked up Lindsay in Omaha, and kept driving east to Havelock, Iowa where we laid our dad's ashes to rest in the Washington Cemetery.  The Vial Family Reunion was scheduled for the same weekend, so after the burial service, we spent that evening in Storm Lake with the Vial's.  Dinner, a silent auction, story telling and sharing family pictures rounded out the evening.

Uncle Lee, Aunt Harriet & Uncle Harold

The Vial Cousins
Kevin, Jody, Jeff, Roger, Darcy & Lindsay
 Sunday we met up with the Clancy Clan in Fonda and hit the golf course.  Ryan & Kellie shared their clubs with us, and were our partners for the day.  We played "Best Ball" and made par on every hole.  Not that any of that was due to my golfing skills.....

The Clancy Stack
Darcy, Alicia, Ryan, Andrea, Amanda, Alayna, Lindsay, Aiden & Connor
  Lunch followed at Grandma's house in Pomeroy and then we were headed back West.  Monday morning found us in Grant, Nebraska where we ate lunch with Clint's Gramps and Gram and spent a bit of time visiting. 

We met up with Dave, Mel, Rob, Kristi, Jace and Jacobi in Sidney Monday evening and spent time visiting over a meal at Buffalo Point.  They'd spent the afternoon shopping, so we got to see Jace's sweet new Duck Dynasty apparel.  ;)

Then we loaded back into the EQ and headed for home.  After a few catnaps at various truck stops in Wyoming, and an oil change in Jerome, we rolled into the driveway at our house late Tuesday afternoon.

Just in time for Bunco.  :)

It's always so great to see family - and while we wish we could see them more often, the distance just doesn't always make it very convenient.  I'll post more pictures of our vacation here this weekend but wanted to get these up today. 

Happy weekend!


  1. Great pictures! It was so nice to get to spend some time with you guys. Looking forward to October!!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 05, 2013

    So glad you could come to Iowa! It was nice to meet some of the Clancy's at your dad's service.



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