Growing in the sun.

It only makes sense that sunflowers would be grown in Hermiston.

We do get a lot of sun here.  ;)

A local farmer has a few circles of sunflowers near the ranch, and I was excited when a neighboring family wanted to have their pictures taken near the field.

So we tromped out to the field one evening last week and took a go at it.

The thing with "sun" is that "heat" is usually involved - and it was a scorcher, even at 7 pm.

I hope they enjoy how their pictures turned out - it was a new setting for me, and fun to try a background and lighting I wasn't really 100% comfortable in. 

But that's how you grow, I guess.....and what better place to {grow} than in a sunflower field.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I need to find me a sunflower field. I just love them--and what a perfect spot for family photos!

  2. The top one is excellent! Good job.


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