Lunch at Grandma's.

Golfing is a serious sport, and requires a lot of effort. 

So says the lady that golfed in cowboy boots, borrowed clubs, and drove a cart across the entire course.

After the Clancy clan had golfed in Fonda, (I will post pictures soon!) we headed to Grandma's farm in Pomeroy for lunch.  Andrea had coordinated all of us, and we each brought an item to share.

Her boys (ages 6 and 3) were in charge of silverware.

I'd like to know how I could get that job in the future.  ;)

But in all seriousness - it was a fabulous lunch, and there was cake to celebrate the summer birthdays.  Lindsay got to tag along with that group (her birthday is at the end of May) since in the Midwest that counts as close enough. 

The summer birthdays!

Andrea's spiffy flag cake

And then for entertainment, Aiden broke out Uncle Mike's golf cart and chauffeured us around the farm.

Anyone could get a ride from Aiden....As long as you were over the age of 16.

Note: Aiden and his little brother Connor were the only ones not over the age of 16, so it was hilarious to watch him ask you this in total, 100%, seriousness.

The boy meant business.

All was going really well with the 6 year old driving golf cart, until the guys wanted to try to get the antique John Deere tractor started.  They were trying to pull start it using Kenny's pick up and a chain, which resulted in a bit of sporadic driving & braking.  So to maintain safety, since they were using the same "route", we told Aiden he couldn't drive the golf cart while they were trying to pull start the tractor.  This went well at first.  Kenny and Aiden would take turns, and it was no big deal. 

The guys had taken a break from trying to start the tractor, so Grandma hopped in with Aiden and was about to get the tour.  Well about the same time, they decided to try starting the tractor just one more time, so we hurriedly called out to Aiden, "Aiden, pull over...get out of the way".  Which Aiden dutifully did. 

Except he pulled right over and ran into the base of a tree.


Luckily, no one was hurt, and the plastic on Mike's golf cart gave way, and wasn't even scratched.

It was one of those moments that happens in slow motion, but you can't do anything about it.  Once we made sure everyone was ok, it was pretty comical. 

So if you ever need a golf cart drive, Aiden's your man. 

Just make sure there aren't too many trees around.  :)

It was so fun to see the Clancy side of the family, and we're looking forward to seeing everyone again next summer when Ryan & Kellie tie the knot!

And a special thanks to my Aunt Mary who took all of these pictures, and shared them!


  1. What a fun family you have! :) I think my boys would get along just fine with those two ;)


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