When we're in the Wallowas....

We're probably moving cows.

Let's just be honest - most of our {vacations} revolve around cattle.

While the wedding was the reason we'd planned this trip, it worked out well that we could help move a set of cows while we there too.  Terry & Anna and Hannah were going to be in the area too, so they brought their horses along and we made a morning ride of it.

Anna and I rode too.....well, we rode the Rhino.  :)  And it worked out great!

By the end of the morning, all of the cattle had been gathered and moved to a new pasture and pushed waaaayyyy up the hill. 

Then we finished the morning my favorite way.....with lunch at Terminal Gravity.  I branched out a bit and had their Asian steak salad (I usually get their steak pita) and Clint had their steak nachos....and both meals were delicious!  If you're in Enterprise, you need to eat there.  You won't regret it!

Chief Joseph Days is this weekend, and while we wish we were headed back up there to the rodeo, sadly we'll be at home.  But we'll be wishing all of you that are there a fun weekend! 

PS - Joseph has what may be my most favorite sign.....

Anna says I need to have one made for the road next to our house, and I couldn't agree more!


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