5 on Friday.

1. Box Butte County Fair.

Our niece & nephew's county fair in Nebraska was last week and they did so well!  They showed market hogs and their replacement dairy heifers.  We are SUPER proud of them, and of their parents for all of the help they give them.  Our niece made it into Master Showmanship (even with a broken wrist) and did so well. 

We love you guys!

2. This photo...

Made it into the OCA Young Cattlemen's photo contest.   The photo with the most likes receives a custom Pendleton blanket with OCA brands on it.  Check out the photos and vote for your favorite!

3. When I can't be in control.

Let's just call a spade a spade - I like to be in control. 

Type A - that's me.

  So when I went to the doctor yesterday for a rash on my hand, and the bigger issue was not the rash but my blood pressure - I left feeling disheartened and frustrated.  (The rash wasn't anything - not contagious, just a bunch of bumps that will eventually go away.)   In the last few months my BP has really crept up on me, and to be honest I was hoping the easy fixes would help, but they haven't.  So now we're changing diet, adding exercise, trying to decrease stress, blah blah blah....

Yes - I know my health is important.

I do. Really.
It's just right now I feel like it's so hard to change those portions of my lifestyle.
But I'm working on small changes (getting up and walking for a half hour in the morning, subbing in oatmeal for breakfast, etc.) and hoping that I can gain some control over this. 

If you see me - would you help keep me accountable and ask how I'm doing?

4. This video. 

I ran across this on a blog a few weeks ago, and it totally made me smile.  I remember when I was working at WLC in DC back in 2006, we'd show this at the Rosslyn and the kids would go nuts.  Need a laugh?  Take a few minutes and watch this.

5. A good reminder...

Happy Friday!


  1. Some of my fav healthy foods/snacks.

    2) http://www.theyummylife.com/Refrigerator_Oatmeal

  2. Buffalo County, NE is where I was a 4-H member and showed livestock. Glad your niece and nephew show and enjoy livestock. Success after a summer of hard work makes for a great County Fair!

    My Husband (who just turned 36) has high BP too. His Mother's side of the family has bad hearts. Last fall we hauled him into the clinic because we thought he was having a heart attack. After he was hooked up to the monitors and blood drawn the results said he did NOT have a heart attack. He is on a very common BP med that is helping.

    Doc told J to decrease the stress in his life. The Doc got an earful about "Just how am I supposed to do that?"

    Good luck with your BP and stress relief. I hope you do well with your picture.


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