Dazed with a side of sizzle.

Crazy, is what it is.

Last night I wrote a post that I thought would just be a way to highlight some of the kids who showed at the 2013 Pacific International Junior Livestock Expo in Prineville, and it turned into something I could have never imagined.

Usually, maybe 50 people or so visit my blog to read a particular post.  Since last night, over 8,000 of you have visited this little blog of mine.  I'm dazed, but not confused.  Because what resonates the most with me is that there is a vast majority of people who want to see youth succeed, and believe that the opportunities in the show ring that are provided for them matter and make a difference.

I just happened to write a few thoughts down and posted a few pictures about the same subject.

So thank you.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for caring about youth, thank you for showing cattle and thank you for caring about agriculture. 

I'm humbled.


To follow up yesterday's post, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about a couple who also cares about the cattle industry.

For those of you who were at the Summer Sizzle this weekend in Connell, you're already familiar with Alan & Leslie Alexander.  They're Charolais breeders in Pasco who also co-host the Rancher's Choice sale in Eltopia.

And they are super people.

They saw an opportunity to combine their love of Charolais cattle with a desire to host a jackpot show with additional classes for Charolais influenced cattle that was targeted to area youth who wanted to take their heifer or steer out before county fair.  Last year they hosted the 1st Summer Sizzle and it was a smashing success.

This year was no different.

Two days of camaraderie, meals together and high quality cattle creates an opportunity for all levels of cattle showmen to get together in a learning environment that is positive and safe.  Steers who'd never been out of the backyard had an opportunity to be led in a ring, kids who got pushed around a bit on the first day developed a better partnership with their cattle by the second, and cattle enthusiasts got a chance to fine tune their showmanship skills.  All levels are welcome at the Summer Sizzle, and while the quality of the cattle is good, the pressure to perform is minimized.

I think I'm one of a large group that attended this weekend that can thank Alan & Leslie for hosting a show that is laid back, informative and competitive all in the same weekend.


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